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VOS Email Setup - Android
Posted by TJ Russell on 11 August 2016 09:11 PM

When setting up VOS Email on Android, VOS HIGHLY recommends downloading and using the free Outlook app from the Google Play Store.


When setting up your email on your Android Phone, you will need to be sure you have your VOS credentials ready to enter. Theses credentials include:


VOS Username

VOS Password

VOS Hosted Email Address. 


Once you've verified that you have the neccessary credentials, you are ready to set up your VOS email on your Android Phone.


The following steps will walk you through setting up your VOS email on your Android Phone.


If you wish to use the integrated email client on your Android phone, here are the steps you will need to follow:


1. Touch Apps.

2. Scroll to and touch Settings.

3. Touch Add account.

4. Touch Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

5. Enter your VOS email address.

6. Touch Password.

7. Enter your email account password.

For the following steps, you will need to enter in the following additional server information:

     A. VOS Email: your VOS email

     B. VOS Password: Your VOS password

     C. Exchange Server Name:

     D. Domain: VOS

9. The "Domain" and "Username" fields may be separate or combined

     A. If the fields are separate, you need to enter "vos" in the Domain field and your VOS username in the Username field

          For example - Domain: vos    Username: jsmith@abc

     B. If the fields are combined (i.e. Domain\Username) you need to enter them both together

          For example - Domain\Username: vos\jsmith@abc

10. Touch Next.

11. Scroll down and touch NEXT. Some options will be pre-selected. You can change any of the displayed options before proceeding.

12. Touch ACTIVATE.

13. Edit the account name if desired.

14. Touch DONE.

15. Your email account is now set up on your Android phone.



**NOTE: This is a generalization for Android devices email setup. Some Android setup steps may differ depending on the model of the device.


If you are unable to complete the steps successfully, you can contact VOS helpdesk support for assistance.


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