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VOS Email Setup - iPhone
Posted by TJ Russell on 11 August 2016 08:42 PM

When setting up VOS Email on your iPhone, VOS HIGHLY recommends downloading and using the free Outlook app from the Apple App Store.


When setting up your email on your Apple iPhone, you will need to be sure you have your VOS credentials ready to enter. Theses credentials include:


VOS Username

VOS Password

VOS Hosted Email Address. 


Once you've verified that you have the neccessary credentials, you are ready to set up your VOS email on your Apple iPhone.


The following steps will walk you through setting up your VOS email on your iPhone.


1. Starting at the home screen of your iPhone, locate the "Settings" app on the phone. Once found, open the app.

2. Within the "Settings" app, scroll through the list of options until you find "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and open it.

3. In "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" select "Add Account"

4. Select "Exchange" from the list of types of mailboxes

5. Enter in your VOS email and Password.

6. If the attempt to establish a mailbox fails after step 5, do not panic, this is normal. Simply select "Continue" or "Next".

7. You will then be prompted to add additional sever information. You will need to enter the following information in order to set up your mailbox:

     A. VOS Email: your VOS email

     B. VOS Password: Your VOS password

     C. Server Name:

     D. Domain: VOS

**The defaults on all of the other options will remain the same**

8. Once you've entered in the information in step 7, You can then hit next and wait for the setup to complete.

9. Once prompted, select what you want to have synced to your phone.

10. The setup is now complete.



If you are unable to complete these tasks successfully, you can contact VOS helpdesk support for assistance.

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