Printers not showing in VOS while using a windows based PC
Posted by TJ Russell on 07 October 2014 04:41 PM

If you are using your VOS application and you experience the issue of your printers missing while in the application, you can use these quick tips on how to properly configure your Printing client installed on your machine:


1. Ensure that all printers are properly sorted in the screwdrivers client:

-click start > control panel > find screwdrivers v4 and open it > select the 2nd tab (printers) and sort all printers according to either Denied or Prefered (DO NOT LEAVE ANY PRINTERS IN AVAILABLE TIER IF YOU ARE SORTING PRINTERS)



2. If the printers are properly sorted and are still not showing in your VOS application, you can then try uninstalling and reinstalling the screwdrivers client.


To access the screwdrivers download, visit, select downloads at the top of the page, select printing clients, and then finally the screwdrivers client (32-bit) download.



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