My printers do not show in the print dialog box; Can't print or printers missing.
Posted by - NA - on 13 October 2009 02:03 PM

If your printers were working but then disappeared, save your work and exit all programs including all Internet Explorer (or browser) windows.  Wait about 60 seconds to give ensure that all programs are completely shutdown.  Start your browser, login to VOS™ and your printers should be restored.

If you are working on a computer that has not been used for VOS™ before and/or you just installed the VOS™ client then you may need to restart the computer to complete setup.  Start - Shutdown - Restart.  The next time you use VOS™ it should work properly.

If printers have never worked on the computer or restarting did not solve the problem, open Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs.  Look in the list (alphabetical order) for "Screwdrivers Client" or "TriCerat Screwdrivers Client".  If it is missing, return to the VOS™ login page and attempt to reinstall the VOS™ Client (link found under the Welcome section).  Restart the computer and try again.

If the Screwdrivers Client fails to install or re-install, contact your local tech support to confirm that there aren't any permission or group policy issues preventing you from installing the required software.

If you are still unable to print, please contact VOS™ Support at (877) 287-9867 for further assistance.

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